The content of this portfolio will mainly revolve around graphical work - both traditional graphical design work (posters, infographics etc.) as well as drawings. Furthermore I will post a lot of video material - both liveaction and animation (mostly 2-dimensional but also some 3D). Lastly, programmed applications will be featured - ranging from games to.. well use your imagination :)

A little about me

In case you were wondering!

So who am I?

Well to keep it short, I am a university student at the University of Aalborg - Copenhagen (a bit strange I know - its a branch of the University of Aalborg but its located in Copenhagen, Denmark). I am studying Medialogy - or media technology - a year away from getting my bachelor degree (at the time of writing this). It is a study that blends the creative process of designing and implementing ideas as products - either as programmed applications or physically modelled prototypes - or in some cases a mixture of both. We produce a lot of creative material over the course of a semester, but what is the point if no one sees it? This is partly why I chose to create this online portfolio - other than the fact that you basically have to have one in this line of work - if you ever want to get a job :)

Currently, I work at Nykredit creating internal teaching material for use througout the organization. The job entails a lot of animation work, video and sound editing and other various graphical assignments - since those are areas that are not only very relevant to my study but are also some of my favourite pastime hobbies, it is tremendously rewarding work. Unfortunately, considering the internal nature of my work, this portfolio will not include any of my work material

Other interests of mine include movies, video games (just as anyone who were a kid in the 90's), litterature (although who has time to read anymore) and sports. Especially american football, which I stumbled upon almost 20 years ago (although its the number one sport in America, it's very niche for us europeans) and have loved ever since. Go Bucs! Oh, and I also have a bachelor degree in law... Because, why not :)

Thomas Laurits Macdonald Arnskov


Some of the larger scale projects that I have participated in designing and creating. If you are interested in seing all posts relating to a certain project, hover over the image and click the link inside the overlay.

Simply Social

Social Media for the Elderly
Social media is fairly common today, but a large part of the population is still considered “digitally illiterate”. This project aimed to create a social media platform specifically crafted for elderly citizens. The interface was designed with cognitive changes and reduced motor control in mind – always keeping the keyword “simple” in mind

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Voluntarily Nudged

Nudging waste sorting at Roskilde Festival
As we all know, waste management can be a big problem on large scale music festivals. Participants have an unfortunate habit of disposing of trash however they see fit. The project aimed to have festival participants sort their waste at the Volunteer Lounge at Roskilde Festival during the course of the 2016 festival

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Urban Illusion

Project currently under NDA
Project currently under NDA. Only snippets can be shown at this time

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External portfolios / References

Visit some of my external portfolios and references. However, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram will remain private, sorry ;)

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